Netflix confirms it will not be part of the streaming service’s film for Apple

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Assured us Apple it will host an event on the 25th day of the month of March, an event where it is expected to a large extent to reveal to us the company about the service to broadcast movies and soap operas. Expected that this service consists of the content of your Apple company, in addition to the content companies and studios other which makes it a center users can through the subscription services broadcast other films.

However, if there is one company wouldn’t be part of the service broadcast films, a subsidiary of Apple, will be Netflix. This according to a report in which he stressed the CEO of Netflix, Mr. Reed Hastings that Netflix won’t be part of the streaming service films from the Apple TV. In fact, we didn’t when we heard it, but Netflix won’t want to be a part of the service Apple TV because it will change Netflix most likely provide discounts for Apple compared to their contributions.

According to Mr. Reed Hastings also before that he would much prefer to be the company Netflix is able to control the content through its own app. In a tweet to Peter Kafka, he published a quote from Reed Hastings says : ” Apple is fantastic. We want people to see our offers on our services “. According to the rumors we got until now, it is expected that the cost of the service Apple TV killer $ 15 per month.

This means that the value of the subscription service Apple TV will be much higher than the value of subscription services to broadcast other films, but if the rumors are true, you will get with this subscription also contains access to Songs, News and magazines.

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