Netflix choose the line of low cost portable devices only in some markets


Plans Netflix is not expensive, but the company was raise their prices steadily over the years which means that in time, the service would be too expensive for some. However, the good news is that for some users in specific markets around the world, you might think Netflix providing cheaper plans.

According to a recent report from the newspaper Economic Times, it has been said that Netflix testing a cheaper plan for mobile devices only in India cost of 250 rupees per month, which is equivalent to 3.64 USD approximately. This makes the plan cost half what it cost Netflix plan are basic, but they come with some limitations, such as the ability to share content around the basic ( Standard Quality ) only, and that you can’t see this content only on smartphones and tablets.

However, it has been noted that although it is a reasonable plan price, but it is still in fact more expensive than imposed by Amazon for its customers in India vs Amazon Prime Video which cost 1.88 USD. It should be noted that India is not the only market in which Netflix plans to cheaper for mobile devices only. The company had tested previously a similar plan in Malaysia, but it is not clear whether plans to expand the scope of these plans low price to more markets later.


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