Netflix begins raising prices of their contributions to the beginning of the United States

نتفليكس تبدأ رفع أسعار اشتراكاتها بداية من الولايات المتحدة - netflix

Feature Netflix is providing diverse content and makes them the first choice for watching entertainment content globally, but that the content depends on the budget set by Netflix to produce its own content or buy content from other studios, which requires a high level of costs, which made young people decide to raise the prices of their contributions again. the beginning of the United States.

And the Netflix choice of 3 subscriptions; choose one screen clearly plain, and the involvement of two screens with high accuracy (which is subscription months), as well as the involvement of 4 screens with. To become a subscription at the price of 8.99$ and 12.99$, 15.99 instead of$ 7.99 to$ 10.99$, 12.The$ 99 respectively.

This increase is by 13% – 18% of previous prices, which is the increase the highest since the beginning of the work of the broadcast service content by about 12 years. The company said in this regard “we change the prices for the subscriptions from time to time, because we’re willing to invest to provide the entertainment possible on the network to authenticate users and enrich their experience.”

Since prices rose in the United States, most neighbouring states were affected by this. It is also expected to continue this increase over the coming weeks to European countries, Middle East, South East Asia and other areas of service work.

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