Netflix achieved 15 nominations for the awards, the Oscar and become the first broadcast service join for all of the American film

نتفليكس تحقق 15 ترشح لجوائز أوسكار وتصبح أول خدمة بث تنضم لجمعية الفيلم الأمريكي

Are network Netflix is the first between the two services and broadcast visual content that get the member of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) which is considered as the most powerful institution of the film in Hollywood. It came in conjunction with the nominated movies the network for 15 different award.

The share of the largest network for movie Roma representative, who is nominated for ten awards including Best Film Award an award that was unlikely to get them any of her films until recently. However, everything changed for Network broadcast content that has entered the history of this achievement to the first step between the other networks which have increased competition in recent years.

Became Netflix is now one of the most powerful producers of films thanks to its accession to the Association of American film, and to put herself next to studios like Sony, Fox, Walt Disney, Warner, uuniversal.

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