“Neova”.. the intelligent server which will change the taste of the music that enhance the

If you are an amateur playing for, it’s time to experience the taste of another music that enhance your fingertips, through wearing a ring “Nueva” Neova during play, which will convert your hand movements image signals to the expressions of musical super-fun and quirkiness, to a completely new world of creativity.

Ring is available “Nueva” capture and translate the movement signals to your hand, then expect another device a connects to your computer via the USB port, and through a special program to the server, translating those signals to variations of the prom, depending on your choices advance through the program settings.

Not a server a hindrance while playing music, it is the ring comfortable not with respect to a weight of 10 grams, and its battery for 8 hours continuously, the program works thereto on the systems Mac OS 10+ and Windows Windows 7, The Ring consists of a set of sensors Sensors, and a processor (proceso), the era of sending a wireless Antenna to turn in the translation of signals and expressions of the hand to the musical tone.

Successfully funding campaign ring “Nueva” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter, and is planned to reach the product to his supporters by next may, priced at 210 $ (3,700 pounds).

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