Nenoleaf reveal LED lights hexagonal new account for at CES 2019


If you are looking to add intelligent lighting to your room or your house, it may be some of you have heard of Nanoleaf. Likely to be this company is famous thanks to the LED lights of the triangles that can be controlled via smartphone, but in 2018, the company also creates the lights of the square-shaped touch screen.

At the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2019 currently held in Las Vegas, USA, the company Nanoleaf detects the LED lights a smart new hexagonal-shaped. These lights are the new Smart will be similar to the lights square shape, which means it will be touch-sensitive as well. Moreover, these lights would be compatible with the platform HomeKit also even be able to control using the application Home or Siri.

The new format means that users will be able to come up with more unique designs of their own. In addition, you can also combine them with other shapes to form more designs. In addition to the new format, has the company also announced on mounting system Mounting Grid to smart lights the new.


This system allows users to arrange the LED lights through the installed in the wall. However, the basin is installed in the wall which means that the custom designs are permanent. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember our company Nanoleaf when is expected to launch the LED lights six-the smart new exactly. Moreover, there is no any information about the price, but due to it’s similar in terms of features lights Nanoleaf other, it should cost almost the same price.

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