Necessary evil: Google explains to developers how to improve the app for compatibility with the protrusion of the screen

Like it or not, the screens of the extrusion Notch, or cutting Cutout -as you call it, Google will change the smartphone market for at least several years. As we know, the ask Google support officially not in the version of the Android P , which launched a beta version last days ago.

While waiting for the launch of the official version of Android P In October next, Google published a guide for developers explains how to modify and improve their applications to achieve optimally with a screen the same extrusion. As we know from the registry of the At least one of the models of phone Pixel the next 3 will -unfortunately – bump on his screen.

But what application developers should work to ensure availability of their applications with the net? Does this mean that the developer is lazy which will not modify its application will lead to the emergence of Applied badly on the phones with a netbook?

Fortunately not: according to Google, the Android P automatically tweaks the status bar the status bar so that it is the same width as the extrusion so as not to lead to the covering of any space mission from the app. But the police are alerted that the app that contains the custom modifications to explain the situation might not be in line with automatic extrusion.

Add to that depends on the developer test the application to see if you can take advantage of the additional space for the company in the vicinity of the extrusion to provide the experience of using the best, otherwise can the developer also choose to cover the entire extrusion and area of the surrounding rectangle black to hide the extrusion. This will of course reduce the space available in the screen, but on the other hand, may provide a better viewing experience for the application.

Don’t forget to support the screens long!

If you are a developer for applications, remind you Google that, also you must ensure that application support you optimally companies traditionally allow their hair long, this means the technique of larger screens in terms of Ratio of length to width. Any by 18:9 or greater.

Whether you are a developer for the apps, or the user wants to learn more about what awaits you after passing the extrusion of the markets, you can learn all the details by visiting the blog Google.

The necessary evil: Google explains to developers how to improve the app for compatibility with the protrusion of the screen was first deployed in the are.

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