NASA will conduct safety checks, SpaceX and Boeing because of the “herd” Mask

Space Agency NASA is going to conduct a comprehensive safety examination of the companies, SpaceX, and Boeing. Recall that both are engaged in the creation of spacecraft for the delivery of American astronauts to the International space station. The reason for the check? Smoking marijuana Musk live during an interview on one of the Internet show in September. It is reported by the publisher of The Washington Post.

In California, where the interview took place, Smoking marijuana legally. Despite this, the behavior of the Mask “has caused serious concerns at the highest levels of leadership at NASA and prompted the Agency to look closely at the culture that exists within the company,” the source said.

It is noted that the checks will begin next year and last several months. The representatives of the Supervisory group check “everything that can affect security.”

“If you find something inappropriate, then the key question will be to what the culture has developed within the company, this culture has led to the irrelevance and whether it is NASA itself,” commented the administrator of the American space Agency Jim Breidenstein.

“As an Agency, we represent not only ourselves, but also those who cooperate with us. We need to show the American public that if we put the astronaut in the spacecraft, then the person is in complete security,” said the administrator.

Two companies, SpaceX and Boeing are going to spend the first manned launches its space vehicles Crew Dragon and CST-100 Cockpit respectively next year. These events will be an important milestone in the development of American Astronautics, said Breidenstein.

Breidenstein, stressed that “confidence in the team of SpaceX”. But at the same time, the head of NASA added that “culture and leadership is the most important. And all that is in doubt the safety culture requires immediate solutions.”

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