NASA showed the suit in which the Americans return to the moon

Since the first flight of astronauts to the moon, it was exactly 50 years, so mankind it is time to return to the surface of the natural satellite of our planet to conduct research using more modern tools. Space Agency NASA plans to do it in 2024, in the framework of the “Artemis” and is already being prepared for its start. The Agency showed the audience a new version of the spacesuits that will allow a new generation of astronauts to sustain the flights in spaceships and it is better to move on the moon and open space. So what’s interesting new costumes?

A new spacesuit for NASA flight to the moon in 2024

A new spacesuit for visiting the moon received the name of Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Units (xEMU). Externally, it differs little from the costumes, which were clad legendary astronauts Neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin during his first forays to the moon. However, inside the product there are many different improvements that will allow the new space travelers easier to move around and communicate with the Ground. A little more about the features you can read on the NASA website.

The contents

The security of the space suit

The first thing the engineers worked on improving the main systems of the suit, which is responsible for the supply of oxygen, the absorption of carbon dioxide, regulation of temperature and humidity and eliminate odors. In the new version, most of these systems were duplicated, so the breakdown will include emergency life support. It does improve the xEMU costume more secure than previous versions. In addition, the suit is well protected from the ingress of dust, which can hurt both astronauts and the equipment.

Presentation of the new suits was held at the headquarters of NASA in Washington

How comfortable the suits?

You’ve probably watched the video where the astronaut clumsily stepping on the lunar surface and eventually stumble and fall. In order to prevent this, NASA engineers worked on improving the design of the costume by using more modern materials and mechanisms. The Agency assured that inside the 50-pound costume, the astronauts will be able to freely move my arms, raise them up and bend. A NASA engineer by the name of Kristin Davis during the presentation on the example showed that the suit xEMU really makes it easy to bend over and lift the rock.

The Agency is made even easier method of putting on a spacesuit, astronauts literally enter it through a hatch on the back. Besides, suits are less likely to RUB the body of the astronauts. The fact that they will be manufactured individually for each person based on the three-dimensional model of its body in various poses.

3D human model to create a custom suit

By the way, during the presentation in costume was dressed a woman for a reason — during the mission "Artemis" is made the first step women on the moon

Old and new technologies

In previous versions of the space suits the astronauts were uncomfortable talking into the internal microphone, because he has not always followed the movements of their heads. In the updated version at the top of the costume is built from two microphones, how would the astronaut not turned his head, his voice will always be perfectly audible.

On the photo: the head of NASA Jim Bridenstine and engineer Kristin Davis

However, in a new suit and left the old technology. For example, astronauts still have to put the equivalent of diapers. Of course, in most cases you can do without them. But forays into space can last for several hours, so space travelers to wear a diaper still have. So, just in case.

This is interesting: As the astronauts of the Agency for 57 years had to suffer when going to the toilet?

Space suit for missions to Mars

The main feature of the xEMU costume is its modular design. This means that virtually every part of the suit can be replaced by another, designed to work in a different environment. The creators hope that with this design, the suit can be used on the surface of the moon and outer space and inside the lunar station Gateway , and even on Mars.

In addition to the suit for outer space, was presented a suit for wearing inside the spacecraft

That xEMU stand work in very different conditions, there is little doubt. It is known that he is better than previous versions protects from cosmic radiation and withstands a temperature range from -157 to 93 degrees Celsius.

A suit for a flight inside a space ship

In the photos you can also notice the second suit, orange in color. The Agency did not focus on it much attention, so about this new product don’t know as much as we would like. Representatives of NASA announced that it will be used during takeoff and landing of the spacecraft “Orion”, which is expected to produce the following flight to the moon. If necessary, the astronauts will be able to be inside the suit to 6 days.

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