NASA postponed the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope until 2021 with an increase in the budget

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ناسا تؤجل إطلاق تلسكوب جيمس ويب الفضائي حتى عام 2021 مع زيادة في الميزانية

Announced the National Aeronautics and Space Administration the American people about the postponed launch of the James Webb Space Telescope JWST again, which was due to be launched in orbit around the sun the year 2020 and has identified the date of the launch of the new on March 30, 2021, which is the second delay of the timeline for the project this year and the second in the last nine months.

Officials issued the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) outcome of the Review Committee is looking at building and testing the James Webb Space Telescope, which has shown that technical issues including human errors have caused delays in the development schedule of the telescope. Where there were a lot of problems like Valve’s defense of the sensitive damaged by solvent cleaning wrong, the bolts (70 of them!) Loss during test vibration, these problems cost the project is 800 million USD and a delay of 18 months. Cumulatively, the project was postponed now for three years with a cost of more than 9.6 million.

Said Thomas young Chairman of the Audit Committee and is a former director of the Agency’s Executive Director in the field of aviation: “you will not overestimate the complexity and difficulty of the matter and that the Launch Date of the new decision will be in the March 30, 2021 and assumes the non-occurrence of any other error, and proceed in a telescope it seems important for the astronomy, but he added: “the guarantee that each element of the telescope James Webb is working properly before arriving to the space is crucial to its success”.

It is worth noting that this telescope was renamed on the name of the former director of the NASA James Webb, to be the successor Agency’s long-awaited telescope Hubble Space Hubble Space Telescope it is the product of collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency to be the largest and most powerful telescope, built the space so that its size is larger than twice the size of the Hubble telescope, but his development was suffering from a lot of problems and delays.

It was supposed to be completed project telescope James Webb by the year 2000 at a cost of $ 500 million. But the cost is doubled to 5 billion dollars by the year 2011, so voted the Committee of the house of Representatives to cancel the project, but Senator Barbara mikulski, Vice-the state of Maryland has succeeded in restoring to approve the financing of the project with a Put a ceiling a strict budget of $ 8 million, but the delay has already increased more than 800 million dollars additional.

The report states that NASA will need certainly to 837 million dollars again this will exceed the maximum budget not it will be for Congress to renew the interpretation of the problem the development of the telescope James Webb at a cost yet to be determined, which may cause threat to the project space again to stop astronomers say that among the projects that may be available is a telescope space ambitions allow WFirst to study dark energy and hunt the outer planets.

Come review telescope James Webb in time as the science Committee in the house of Representatives over the quality of the estimates of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration U.S. NASA’s management of large projects under the supervision of Lamar Smith of Texas, and even now the results of the Audit Committee are not so good.

The Paul Martin, the Inspector General of the agency who was testifying before the Committee to criticize the culture of optimism, for the agency, said: the promises to her about the project for scientific thinking make it difficult to restrain her, while the cancellation of a few projects in the recent past NASA due to poor cost performance schedule,” said the Committee in the middle of the month according to the bulletin Newsletter of the American Institute of Physics.

Diameter mirror telescope James Webb 6.5 m which is larger than the diameter of the mirror of the Hubble telescope with a diameter of 2.4 m only, this gives greater capacity seven times that of the capacity of the mirror of the Hubble to collect light. It has been designed to telescope all seem to use this power to see farther into space and deeper into the past of the universe and witness the Big Bang.

But last year things got out of the car and found the Audit Committee participation in the selection and integration of the spacecraft. The report said that these problems were the result of human errors and lack of experience and excessive optimism and total Iron for many of the spacecraft systems which are not built a few so far.

He said an outside expert is aware of the systems engineering knowledge that the more tests that may not be the solution to the problem of the telescope. As said John Thomas, research scientist, Department of Aeronautics and aerospace at the Massachusetts Institute of technology “I’m not worried about the problems that they found her the nickname worried about what I didn’t find it until now, tests that are not is the solution and I don’t think it will be enough, even if funding is not a problem, we need to carefully inspect the producers of the system and what can go wrong”.

Young said a member of the Review Board: “it’s a confidence of only 80 per cent of the success of the Launch Date of 2021, although the delay will cost taxpayers now million dollar a day”.

For their part, defended the officials of NASA’s investment in the project, said John Mather, chief scientist at the draft James Webb JWST: “we will be able to see a lot in the space is greater than ever, there are a lot of wonderful things that we get from this new Observatory which we can’t do that”.

I’ve increased the budget allocated by Congress for the project is 8 million dollars because of the delay 800 million additional, however, this figure does not cover the costs of running the project for five years which will raise the total budget of the project to 9.66 billion dollars. And now will have a new director of NASA, Jim price to go to the Capitol to get additional funds. He is scheduled to appear in July in front of the science Committee in the house of Representatives to buy the report along with the executives at Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman.

There is no doubt that the James Webb Space Telescope considered the observatory, a giant multi-purpose and will allow astronomers to study, examine the genesis and composition of the Board and the stage of development of the study of the planets and the origin of life we search for the light emitted from the first stars and galaxies after the Big Bang, as well as a range of studies in other notable.


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