NASA explores the application of the Ethereum blockchain for space exploration

In January, NASA announced the development of a blockchain service that will allow you to calculate the trajectory of satellites and avoid collisions with space debris. The space Agency has invested in the project 330 thousand dollars and promised to double investments in case of successful tests of the system. Now NASA has told about the first results of introducing the technology distribution registry in its space program.

How to use blockchain

The project is called Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm. Its development involved a team of scientists led by Professor Gene Cochise from the University of Akron. In the heart lies the blockchain from Ethereum.

Software on smart contracts will allow the equipment to detect space debris and to change the trajectory of motion. According to Konica, the system will also allow the satellites to collect data and analyze them.

In this project, the Ethereum blockchain will be used to create a decentralized and secure computing infrastructure for deep space exploration. We expect to develop technology that can detect danger and avoid them. The system will also be able to perform other tasks, which we describe later.

The representative of NASA in conversation with CCN noted that the blockchain will allow the space Agency to create next generation networks that will operate without human intervention.

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