NASA and the X in a space mission to find life on other

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Some more news space-related excitement in the past few years was about the outer planets-like earth, which could support life in one day, or maybe you do already, here comes the role of TESS, a telescope, A Space Agency space, American NASA is scheduled to launch on Monday, April 16, the current on board the missile specs. x-SpaceX Falcon 9.

It is assumed that the new telescope scans the sky to search for planets outside faster and better than any platform exist at the current time, expanding our knowledge of the universe, comes the new telescope is the successor telescope clippers Kepler, which has helped in accelerating the pace of discoveries in space, which made it clear that the Council is immersed to the planets, fortunately, his successor, the operation waits for all.

And TESS on the monitor 200 thousand of the nearest stars using the same method of discovery that enabled the telescope Kepler of determining the 2600 planet foreign for sure, using a matrix camera is composed of four units accurately portray the 16.4 megapixel cover of each box of fish on the 24-degree lens with wide angle is very able to watch sky visible almost completely.

After the discovery of TESS for new worlds, will use the telescope more sophisticated, such as the telescope, the James Webb James Webb space due to be launched in 2020, to look for those signals life possible, and TESS the first opportunity to achieve real progress in this area on trying to find indicators of life in other worlds, so that many worlds may be similar to the size of earth and rocky, but it will be different and strange in other ways.

It should be noted that the space company SpaceX SpaceX-owned business man and CEO of Tesla Tesla motors luxury Electric Elon musk is a partner in the launch by the Falcon 9, which will be held on the transfer of the new telescope into orbit, as planned Elon musk to conquer the planet Mars and send humans there.

NASA and the X in a space mission to find other life.

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