#Nanesut: What not to do if lost iPhone

In recent years, cases of phishing attacks, criminals — they usually send out emails supposedly from Apple support, which reported on the need to update the information, put a link to a special form. The user follows the link, fills in all the fields and left without his Apple ID account. With a similar scheme of fraud faced one of our readers — though in his case the criminals have shown ingenuity.

Almost immediately after the detection of loss of your iPhone 8 Plus the reader has locked the phone with iCloud and brought to the screen the message about the remuneration in the amount of $ 300. For some time the movement of the smartphone can be seen in the app “Find my iPhone”, however, to detect with its help, the smartphone did not work: the attacker was in a busy shopping center, and the error location is prevented. Soon iPhone turned off.

However, the next day the iPhone was again included, and the location of the smartphone was able to calculate — it is interesting that it was the building of law enforcement agencies. A reader wrote a letter to reception, explained the situation, however, the smartphone did not see — no one brought him back even for a reward.

I wrote a letter and said that the phone was stolen, and found, so you dont have to be afraid of and return for a fee. But no one dared.

The continuation of the story wonderfully received in a few months.

Yesterday, after six months, a man called me and asked me if I lost the phone.

The source said that a master working in the Central Department store and he brought an iPhone to unlock. He suggested the return of the smartphone for a fee with the words “how much.” And it would be a happy ending, only the master initially sends the reader to a link where asked to change the report. The request itself is strange, and even the link itself led to the site www.clloud.com. It is obvious that the site was a phishing Scam, what the reader is told the source.

But master did not give up and even asked to remove the iPhone from the devices list in iCloud — ostensibly to return the phone. Apparently, the scammer tried to remove the activation lock, but in the end he couldn’t do it. Now the reader is hoping for the assistance of the police in this case.

This story again teaches that we should not give in to emotions, rejoicing of a long lost discovery. If it is good not to think, you can easily take all your data to scammers who will use it and your smartphone you will not see it. Be careful and don’t fall for the tricks of criminals.

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