Named the best affordable smartphone on Android 2018

The growth of taxes and rise of the dollar against the local currencies of developing countries is of paramount importance to many consumers bought not performance of smartphones and their price. For this reason, this year, the market was never as many affordable devices, most of which look and work much better flagship devices last year. So which of the available smart phones in 2018 is the best?

According to the results of a survey conducted by 9To5Google among its readers, the first place in the ranking of the best smartphones of the 2018 model year is shared between 6 and OnePlus OnePlus 6T. They are voted 56% of the respondents. Despite several functional and design differences, these smartphones are still seen by most consumers as one. It is clear, said similar hardware and almost identical price and only a half year difference between releases.

OnePlus 6T — the best choice

However, in my opinion, OnePlus 6T on the background of the OnePlus 6 looks clearly stronger. Here you display and fingerprint scanner, and enhanced in comparison with the predecessor the usable area of the display, and not even an example of a more elegant teardrop-shaped recess in which a front camera. And given only a $ 50 difference in price I think the choice is absolutely obvious, and he is clearly not in favor of the “old man”.

Pocophone F1 is not the best?

In second place with more than twofold advantage in votes (22%) is notorious Pocophone F1. Camera from subsidiary brand Xiaomi, released this summer made a splash in the market, proving that its flagship smartphones can cost less than $ 400. By the way, in Russia he asked for just 23 thousand rubles, and if you get a share, if not you can grab up to 21 thousand.

With all the advantages Pocophone F1 to get the absolute leader he is, in my opinion, prevented insufficiently aggressive promotion and the lack of a distinct connection with the parent brand. In addition, against Pocophone F1 played no NFC, which for many customers from USA, Europe and Russia is crucial. It is in China people used to pay for purchases using QR codes and our brother to serve “real” ascontact.

Moto G6 — who are you?

Third place in the ranking took 9To5Google Moto G6 — in my opinion, completely featureless and incomprehensible apparatus, though very popular in certain circles. For it voted 11% of respondents. According to them, Moto G6 attracted a combination of custom design and affordable prices. About the technical specifications and overall performance, users are not mentioned.

Tell us what Android smartphone you think is the best affordable flagship? The answers leave in comments and our Telegram chat.

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