Mystic forecast: what will happen to Bitcoin in the Bakkt?

A few days ago it became known date of launch platform for Bitcoin-futures Bakkt. Recall, its development is supervised by the network of exchanges and clearing houses Intercontinental Exchange US (ICE). A cryptanalyst under the name Mitoshi Kaku States that the day of the start of trading on Bakkt supposedly coincides with the anticipated sharp jerk of Bitcoin prices. That is the conclusion he came to after chart analysis BTC on methods the famous trader William Gann.

On Wednesday, chief cryptocurrency dipped below the level of 10 thousand dollars and is trading at 9980 dollars. For the past day, its value fell by 6.5 percent. All altcoins of the top-10 coins in our ranking also suffer the drop.

Whether you believe the forecasts?

In the early twentieth century William Delbert Gann was widely known among stock traders of America. He developed methods of technical analysis charts trading assets on the basis of astrology, astronomy, ancient mathematics and geometry. Some contemporaries called Gann trader as a genius, others thought him a brazen liar and a charlatan.

Mitoshi Kaku often uses best practices Gann to predict the probable direction of price movement of Bitcoin. This time, he resorted to the method of reference points Gann. On the published chart outlined several vertical lines, one of which coincides with the launch date Bakkt. Unfortunately, Mitoshi Kaku fully explained what his motives were when building lines. But the coincidence is.

Michio Kaku. Source: Lifedeeper

Schedule anonymous yet interesting one fact β€” it was first published on 1 July. Then Mitoshi Kaku advised traders to monitor closely the price of Bitcoin on September 23 indeed, one of them drawn lines coincides with this date. Recently the analyst remembered his forecast because he suspiciously exactly matches the date of the start of trading on Bakkt.

Let me remind you that anonymous forecasts should always be treated with skepticism. If someone on Twitter publishes the schedule of Bitcoin with a huge number of lines and “seriously” talks about the prospects of cryptocurrencies, don’t run to the exchange, to open another trading position. Such deals almost always end up costing them money. Moreover, in the twenty-first century it is impossible to believe the analysis based on astrology and ancient mathematics.

Here’s today’s product Analytics: it’s all very complicated, so we do not understand. Perhaps you tell?

Source: Twitter Mitoshi Kaku

Do not be surprised if the following analysis expert will look something like this. Joke.

Source: Wikipedia

While it’s funny that analyst, even offers to teach his “art” Tweet followers.

By the way, Mitoshi Kaku is a fictional character that has nothing to do with his avatar. The man in the photo is a famous American physicist of Japanese origin Michio Kaku. In the description of the account its Creator mentioned that the account is a “fan-account Michio Kaku”.

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