Mystery surrounds the fate of the Samsung folding Galaxy Fold.. to postpone the release due to defects in the screen!

Deferred Samsung Samsung version phone its smart folding “Galaxy Fuld” Galaxy Fold to a date yet to be determined, rather than the date of 26 April set by Samsung before, due to defects in the phone screen.

Phone Samsung Galaxy Fuld Galaxy Fold is the first smart phone retractable designer screen type OLED OLED, has revealed the reviews of your phone to malfunction of the mysterious and sudden after a few days of using it.

The experts and auditors of the tech that Samsung smartphone foldable “Galaxy Fuld” Galaxy Fold equivalent of at least two problems, the first being that the screen is covered with a protective layer is weak, similar to the protective plastic, cheap price, and that the areas detailed in the phone open and allow the entry of dirt, dust inside the screen.

Recognized Samsung with both problems The been in her phone, before only 4 days of the deadline for its launch in the United States of America, which made them delay this launch indefinitely, while customers who pre-book the phone that the date of the launch will be on 13 June.

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