My app Enpass and Bitwarden support now authentication across the face in pixels 4

After the application of Lastpass, now all of the application Enpass and Bitwarden support biometric authentication for phones pixels 4.

تطبيقي Enpass و Bitwarden يدعمان الآن المصادقة عبر الوجه في بكسل 4My app Enpass and Bitwarden support now authentication across the face in the pixels 4

With devices Google Pixel 4, and notice a fingerprint reader at the back for the fingerprint face of the most developed, and in this regard fall applications to manage passwords within the class that can take maximum advantage of the additional security, which by the way, in a way.

Where all joined from the application of Enpass and Bitwarden now to the list of application that supports biometric authentication to the Pixel 4, had previously been in the application of Lastpass rich from the definition.

On the other hand, this support is currently available and the official application with Enpass, either with Bitwarden has taken a more cautious approach enabled the open face of the Pixel 4 is only to my lab and demo version.

Therefore, this addendum you experience in the application of Bitwarden, and can experience by joining the community pilot program for application in the Google Play Store, and of course the phone must have 4 Pixel or pixels 4XL.

Download update Enpass on Android.

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