MWC19: Sony to reveal 3 other phones is the Xperia 10 and Xperia 10+ and Xperia L3

MWC19: سوني تكشف عن 3 هواتف أخرى هي Xperia 10 و Xperia 10+ و Xperia L3

After the announcement of the Xperia 1 today in the Congress of the phones world in Barcelona, Sony revealed unveiled three new phones category is expected of them Xperia 10 and Xperia 10+, as is clear from the label, one of them beats the other to the world to say the least. The other Xperia L3.

Xperia 10 and Xperia 10+

Comes Xperia 10 with a screen measuring 6 inches type LCD 1080 pixels like other Sony phones, it doesn’t need the bump and the camera sliding, but not for the traditional buy the camera at the top. It also protects the phone processor Snapdragon 630 allotted for the intermediate category and next to it a ram of 3 GB capacity internal storage of 64 GB.

The phone the other Xperia 10+, it comes with a screen of the same type but $ 6.5 inches, besides coming with a ram of 4 GB and storage capacity of 64 GB, and keep Of course the same processor. How come both phones dimensions are more longitudinal on the lines of Xperia 1 the flagship, where they come with the dimensions of 21:9.

Speaking of the camera, they both carry a camera background of the double, but the first one holds the two lenses accurately 13 mega pixels with 5 mega pixels, the second phone he is holding two lenses accurately 12 mega pixels and 8 mega pixels and all phones can Recording 4K.

And Xperia 10 battery with a capacity of 2,870 Milli-amp, protects older brother Xperia 10+ battery with a capacity of 3,000 Milli-amp.

Xperia L3

MWC19: سوني تكشف عن 3 هواتف أخرى هي Xperia 10 و Xperia 10+ و Xperia L3

This phone on non-Sony phones today carry dimensions help 18:9 any that don’t come along too, to be similar to phones from other companies in the same category. And brings with it a 5.7-inch screen of type LCD, but the resolution of 720p unlike the previous phones.

And Xperia L3 dual camera back lens two with 13 megapixel main and 2 mega pixels, it can’t record 4K video like the previous phones. But at least keep the front camera accurately 8 mega pixels.

Will the phone processor MediaTek Helio P22 instead of the Snapdragon 630, but this processor gives power close to the Qualcomm processor being based on the technique of 12 nm in a Qualcomm processor based on the technique of 14 nm.

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