MWC19: Qualcomm raised platform of virtual reality and enhanced through the fifth generation

We are currently in the early development of the technologies of virtual reality and augmented reality, and Qualcomm want to be part of the future of this technology especially via smartphones thanks to the fifth-generation networks through the introduction of its new platform in this area.

Revealed Qualcomm in its participation today at the Mobile World Congress about a new platform will be based on the prevalence of helmets of a virtual reality enhanced that use the smart phone in its work during the year.

Integration of Qualcomm terms AR augmented reality with VR virtual reality gave us a new term is XR. Establish Qualcomm’s new program offers certificates of reliability to companies that used Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 where prove that this phone will work with any helmet available in the market.

Still a market in its infancy where only a helmet two one Acer OJO virtual reality revealed by the last summer and the other system of the Mixed Reality Nreal Light revealed at CES electronics.

Of course we’ll put up more of a helmet, glasses and different shapes that depend on the smart phone to run the techniques to the two default enhanced, Qualcomm will help to launch more through a special program.

Thanks to the speed and reliability of the fifth-generation networks, the users during the next few years will depend more on the fact both the default and enhanced performance of their work, smart phones processors Qualcomm force ready to support it.

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