MWC19: Lenovo reveals several releases an updated series of Idealpad for less than 1000$

MWC19: لينوفو تكشف عن عدة إصدارت محدثة من سلسلة Idealpad بأٌقل من 1000$

Revealed Lenovo today during the Congress of the phones world in Barcelona when the number of updates in the safety of the lab different which includes a series Idealpad with IdeaPad S540 وIdeaPad the S340 as well as the mobile device 2 in 1IdeaPad C340 with the provision of diverse options for the consumer in terms of processor both from Intel or AMD in conjunction with other specifications, of course.

Let’s start first with the IdeaPad C340 , which offers a different experience from the rest of the series being the kind of mutant who serves the work laptop and tablet device at the same time thanks to the detailed speaking slot at an angle of 360 degrees, LED touch screen 14 or 15 inches, the edges tight with a resolution of HD or FHD with Save lock privacy for web camera also provide with the option of sensor fingerprint.

And the CPU can detail the other specifications, the option of Intel to manage the device, they can be done one of the processors of the second generation following a Pentium 5405U or Core i3-8145Uأو Core i5-8265U or Core i7-8565U in accordance with the random memory ranging from 4 – 16 GB allows adding a graphics processor of Nvidia GeForce MX230.

To go to AMD the IdeaPad C340 will be available only worth 14-inch screen one of the following treatments Athlon 300U or Ryzen 3 3200U or Ryzen 5 3500U with RAM ranging from 4 – 8 GB unit, the graphics processing AMD Radeon Vega

The battery enables up to 8 hours per company also provides device support fast charging feature which connects the battery 80 % within one hour, the starting price device $ 450 and rise in accordance with the specifications of the host Type internal units.

IdeaPad S540 available the option screen 14 or 15 inches with a resolution of 1920-1080 pixels with random memory can be upgraded to 12 GB as the memory of the SSD storage can be upgraded limit of 512 GB.

The option of the processor, it needs to support both Intel and AMD with the option to see graphics of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 also offers a privacy option to lock the camera, will start price version Intel working screen 14 inch with $ 880 and the other author of the 15-inch 850 $ as copy AMD will be available with a screen 14-inch price starts at $ 730 will be all available to the user in the period from April to June.

IdeaPad S340 that the other may have undergone a number of updates similar to one previous possibility of acquisition among Intel ® processors from the second generation or AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700U with the option to raise the RAM for Giga Byte as the screen either 14 or 15 inches at a starting price version supported processor Intel screen 14 inch $ 370 $ that the 15-inch starts at $ 450 or a 15-inch version supported processor AMD starts at a price of $ 430 is provided to each of these women during March and April arrivals.

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