MWC19: Lenovo announces hear my ANC and X1 ANC Wireless two

MWC19: لينوفو تعلن عن سماعتي ANC و X1 ANC اللاسلكيتين

Held company Lenovo conference to reveal the latest in the market for smart devices and computers in the suite has its own congressional phones world in Barcelona, as it announced a number of laptops and desktops, revealed hear two new on behalf of the ANC and X1 ANC.

And want Lenovo to provide special headphones to their possible the ThinkPad Yoga which is considered of months devices and more best-selling in the world, has launched a headphone Yoga ANC a similar design for devices of this class with the color of white and gray, while the has launched the ThinkPad X1 ANC-inspired devices ThinkPad with two-color gray and black.

And features both the sky two with acoustic insulation and reduce noise as well as isolating the sound environment surrounding the user, and have the ability to work with all devices with Bluetooth 5.0 and USB ports whether it is Android or iOS alongside its work on the computers portable.

The price of the fish protein will be reasonable compared with the prices of other headsets, they are coming in at about$ 149 for as expected will be available for users in June.

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