MWC19: Huawei unveils MateBook X Pro New strongly higher performance

MWC19: هواوي تكشف عن MateBook X Pro جديد بقوة أداء أعلى

Huawei unveiled the latest version of MateBook X Pro design is similar to the previous version in terms of ports and the public with the support device with lots of chips flying from the area supported by the processor, the faster the unit, the graphics processing is better than the previous with the option to raise the memory of the internal storage to 1 TB.

Used a little in the specification of the MateBook X Pro it owns a touch screen measuring 13.9 inches stretch vigorously brightness 450 net and accurately 2000*3000 Pixels, with a full QWERTY keyboard user fingerprint integrated with the play button in the device weighs 1.32 kg.

The device provides a variety of doorways two USB from C and the entrance to the USB of the type A, as it has been promoted suitable conventional USB, the device works with a processor Intel second-generation Core i5-8265U or can be upgraded to address the Core i7-8565U that supports the processor graphics NVIDIA MX250 .

In the company claimed that the speed of the current version increase by 10% from the previous version, also supports random memory 8 GB or 16 GB memory storage Internal 512 GB and can be upgraded to 1 terabytes, and have the device Huawei technology Share that allows the transfer of files from phones fancier device at super-speed up to 30 MB per second.

The tops of satuq company MateBook X Pro at a global level first and then in the United States with the beginning of the spring of the current year as for the price, why play him company.

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