MWC19-Huawei: United States throw the charges haphazardly on our network for the fifth

MWC19-هواوي: الولايات المتحدة ترمي الاتهامات جزافاً على شبكاتنا للجيل الخامس

In the conferences of the University at the Congress of the phones world in Barcelona took advantage of Huawei company crowd influence American allegations about their equipment and its organs and networks of the fifth generation, adopted by the United States the risk of a security put states operating in a spy for the Chinese government, it following the chairman of the board of Directors of Huawei’s atmosphere ping on this point as well as to discuss the steps the European Union in this regard

Where the company welcomed the decision of the European Commission on the networks of the fifth generation which calls on member states not to take unilateral steps against Huawei and its have access to resolve common safety networks of the fifth generation within the mechanism of joint cooperation between the governments and the operators of communication networks to ensure not to take the fifth-generation networks for some also.

And by the said faces of the ping that I don’t mind the security check to the company by experts, leaving the decision up to them if they were safe or not; adding that the US President Donald Trump is standing against this option, and Huawei over three decades and held a record of strong security and assessment services for three billion people in the various countries of the world saying that the United States does not have any proof to prove allegations its security on our networks of the fifth generation.

Taking into to account the United States has previously invited its allies to not deal with Huawei in the infrastructure networks of the fifth generation where they responded to Australia and the operators of the phones to use the company’s equipment, in the time in which Huawei itself was the first corporate technical position on the deployment of networks of the fifth generation on a large scale, and maybe this is the power point that make some states set their account to take advantage of the services of the company and its networks of the fifth generation.

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