MWC19: company Energizer reveal a phone with a battery 18,000 mAh amp

MWC19: شركة Energizer تكشف عن هاتف مع بطارية 18,000 ملي أمبير

Think the Congress of the phones world in Barcelona, an important place for technology companies to review the findings in the world of smart devices, the opportunity is not limited to large companies, but even small companies and submerged trying to get fame through its different products.

Company Energizer was present with the phone called Power Max P18K Pop a card carrying a very huge capacity of 18,000 Milli-amp on the coast, which seems normal for the company known for its production of the battery and one of the pioneers in the world, but it’s weird the smartphone market and are interested in them being the company is not known to have.

This phone comes closer to the Bank of power or the battery of the Mobile is great, but the benefits of a smart phone, so that the thickness of the phone is equal to 18 mm which is more than the thickness of the 3 phones leading large companies such as LG, Samsung and Apple almost. But this phone will be power bank because of its ability to charge other devices; meaning that in the case of the purchase of the phone will benefit the user such as a smartphone sometimes the card or mobile to charge another phone sometimes.

Power Max P18K Pop

The company says that the phone can work up to a week in normal use, or 48 hours continuously and the Fast shipping. What represents a big leap for this area.

It features Power Max P18K Pop on the LCD screen measuring 6.2 inches and has a protrusion or the edges of large which makes the interface characteristic and, as it has a camera of three in the back come front camera dual-way sliding on the way phones Vivo.

As for the rest of the advantages, it has a processor from MediaTek with a ram of 6 GB capacity internal storage of 128 GB. And it works with Android OS 9.0 last.

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