MWC19: BlackBerry unveils an updated version of her phone Key2

Launched BlackBerry last year her phone Key2 include the return of the new market of smart phones with the Android operating system, but unlike the smart phones of other companies, was carrying a keyboard of conventional concrete of the next to fit on the touch screen.

Now why would the cops know about the new phone, but she preferred to release an updated version of her phone Key2 red with some updates related to travel and the operating system.

It has BlackBerry on the Ram 6 GB with internal storage of 128 GB, double the capacity in the previous version of 64 GB and the phone has the same processor of the existence of Snapdragon 660. And the screen 4.5 inch type LCD underneath the traditional QWERTY keyboard, and offers dual camera. It also comes with the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo. Comes Key2 with a battery of 3,000 Milli-amp supports fast charging from Qualcomm.

In spite of its advantages, except that the phone will come at a price of$ 749 and higher based on the geographical area, perhaps the company believes this price is good because they provide the advantages of protection and not available to other companies.

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