MWC 2019: the best wearable devices

Thanks to the launch of the phones bendy, kidnapped the smart lights to the World Conference for the second consecutive year, the devices disposable wearable computing devices share a little bit of attention, specifically there are 7 products has received our attention:

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Nubia Alpha

Launched the Nubia of ZTE H-alpha that is marketed as a “smart phone wearable” where comes with a OLED flexible structure of steel and processor Snapdragon 2100 supports the provided contact e-eSIM.

For the functions of a smartphone, they can exchange messages, make calls, including video calls and even e-payment, but live by the body very large.

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft launched HoloLens 2, which is the third generation of the augmented reality design, comfortable and offer double the capacity of the broadcast content is strictly 2K for each eye with 5 microphones speakers dual camera of 8 maps and the platform Snapdragon 850, but the price tag estimated at 3,500 mAh, doesn’t make it suitable for the average consumer, will therefore continue to be by Microsoft for organizations that want to train their staff using the technology of augmented reality.

MyKronoz ZeRound 3

Launched MyKronoz range of smart watches leading, but what drew attention is the hours its cheap that are available at a price of only$ 99, as they come, led by a 44 mm screen for with microphone and headphone to make calls and respond to voice commands, it is assumed that the Enjoy battery life up to 3 to 5 days on a single charge.

CuraLuna WindelSensor

This device is designed for infants and old age; the ability to measure temperature, humidity of the diapers can prevent bladder infections and skin rashes.

The device focuses on diapers, from the outside associated to the phone via a custom app, where you can through the app to know the status of the diaper of drought and humidity and the need to change, since that device uses Bluetooth connectivity, it emits harmful radiation.

HTC Vive Focus Plus

It is the second generation of virtual reality helmet that does not require contact with, and while still dependent on the processor Snapdragon 835 ad hoc virtual reality devices, has become the controller supports 6 axes of freedom of movement instead of 3, and can control the movement and using ultrasound, but targeting HTC with my helmet when working in the engineering, design, and not the average consumer.

Xplora Go

You know Xplora its specialization in the manufacture of devices are wearable computing devices for children, but previous A Smart Go is suitable for all ages, it can make calls and send messages promised steps, come with a camera and a button for emergency calls, it can monitor personal items such as bags and keys and the bike so that the user is informed when planning its observer certain limits; she can remember the seniors with the intake of medication and inform the member of the family when you know his fall, and the youngest can use it to communicate with loved ones.

Biobeat Watch

Featuring hours Biobeat assistant Health operate, medical that can monitor blood pressure, heart rate and size of the moulding and index of the heart; the main button the user clicks to 4 screen displays information, metrics, and by special application to view the information of a health condition on a daily basis.

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