MWC 2018: Energizer showed P16K Power Max Pro with the battery 16 000 mAh. Experience

MWC 2018: Energizer показала Power Max P16K Pro с батареей на 16000 мАч

In addition to the flagship Galaxy S9 from Samsung MWC 2018 pleases and other device. Some of them differ significantly from most smart phones of today. A vivid example of such a smartphone has become a Power Max Pro P16K, the basic quality of the hardware, not the software, and especially not design. It realized the dream of many users about the battery, does not require constant charging. What are the first impressions of this amazing phone?

MWC 2018: Energizer показала Power Max P16K Pro с батареей на 16000 мАч

For those users who are unfamiliar with Energizer as a vendor of mobile devices, it is sufficient to note that it is predominantly specializiruetsya on devices with batteries a large volume. During the exhibition MWC 2018 company, as previously assumed, was presented an unusual novelty — P16K Power Max Pro with a giant battery, the capacity of which is 16 000 mA·h. learn More new device was discussed in an illustrated article Viktor (Victor), published resource

In itself, this technical characteristic of smart phone is impressive, and the PR team Energizer accompanied his announcement with the slogan — “the most energy-intensive phone at MWC” (“The most powerful phone at MWC”). Since the English word “powerful” has a number of values, then this slogan in relation to the device’s battery in the best way captures the essence of the announcement, although, of course, not to say that the novelty is equipped with the most productive “iron”.

MWC 2018: Energizer показала Power Max P16K Pro с батареей на 16000 мАч

Those who have had the opportunity to hold a new smartphone in their hands, have already formed certain impressions about him. Device from 5.99-inch screen, the aspect ratio which is trending 18:9, there is large enough.

Of course, with such a huge battery and speech cannot go about the fact that the smartphone has remained thin. Its thickness is a bit unusual for a modern user of 15.2 mm. And weighs Energizer Power Max Pro P16K 300 grams. Before users a stylish accessory and a smartphone that does not need to be recharged. What is more important? This question will answer itself for each user and, if desired, will Express his opinion in a Telegram chat. In addition, Energizer Power Max P16K Pro is not just a smartphone, a phablet that some users really like, while others prefer more compact devices.

Among the positive qualities of the new Power Max Pro P16K it is noted that it is quite convenient to hold in your hand, although when the smartphone held in the hand and the feeling is unusual for the modern smart device of gravity, but at least he’s not slouching.

A new smartphone from Energizer — Power Max P16K Pro — there is a strong enough device that it is in the style of those devices, which pleases lovers of the maximum capacity of the battery. The bolts on the sides of the device, enhancing the feeling of its strength. As for the material of the housing, it feels like plastic. And it is perhaps rather a positive quality of the new phablet, as it’s massive enough to increase the weight heavier.

MWC 2018: Energizer показала Power Max P16K Pro с батареей на 16000 мАч

Considering a new phone, can be seen as desirable for many users, a 3.5 mm audiojack. On the rear panel of the Power Max P16K Pro is its dual camera with 16-megapixel sensor is combined with a 13-megapixel. This camera comes with a two-tone flash.

The front panel of the device is also equipped with dual camera. The resolution of the first sensor selfie camera smartphone with a giant battery of 13 megapixels, and the second 5 megapixels.

The novelty would be interesting to test. But shown at the exhibition, the instance was either a hoax, or its inclusion simply was not provided. And it is not allowed exhibition visitors to form an idea of how productive this tablet chipset Helio P23, which is the basis of its hardware. Indeed, apart from the fact of the presence in the body of the smartphone battery 16 000 mAh, users would like to know and other characteristics of performance.

MWC 2018: Energizer показала Power Max P16K Pro с батареей на 16000 мАч

Remained unanswered and the other interests many users, the question of how quickly the device is charging such a huge battery, using the advertised 12-volt USB Type-C, located at the top of this smartphone and is designed to quickly charge its massive battery. Some users would also like to know if the concept is used as an external battery for other devices. Since the device is running the operating system Android 8.0 Oreo and equipped with a port Type-C, we can only speculate whether the switching of the charging process between modes of the client and the host.

However, to date known only specifications Energizer Power Max P16K Pro. Impressions from the interaction with the software of the device yet.

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