Music services at market leading coalition decision to raise the prices of licensing fees to the songs


Copyright is one of the many ways that earn musicians money through their music. This is the reason behind the emergence of a sensation when she refused to Apple in the beginning pay for musicians during the trial period of three months in the Apple Music service. This basically means that the musicians they had for ” free ” during those three months.

Apple changed its mind later, thanks in part to American singer Taylor Swift, but now it seems that issues relating to interest rates has again appeared. Due to the decision taken by the Council of copyright, have increased the rights of the author that should be on the companies to pay their musicians so that you will feel the rights of the author to increase by 43.8 percent over the course of five years, but it seems that a large number of music services refuse this increase.

Music services such as Spotify and Pandora, Google and Amazon offer the pair remains supported against the board of copyright known acronym in the name of the CRB, has said that companies in a joint statement : ” the Council of copyright, in a separate decision, by raising the prices of copyright in a way that raises the risk of procedural and substantive serious. If you were to allow this decision of the CRB, you’ll hurt all of the licensed songs and the owners of the copyright. Accordingly, we ask the court of appeal of America a review of the decision “.

It seems that in a time where most music services to invalidate this decision, the website Variety noted that Apple once again decided not to struggle with others. I already suggested the company to get licensing fees, but we’re not sure if there are plans to implement it or not.

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