Mozilla working on new web browser can be controlled via voice commands


Mozilla is a company probably a lot of people are familiar with them because they are the company behind the browser Firefox famous. However, it seems that the company is looking to develop a new browser The with master interesting, namely the ability to control it using voice commands only. Was revealed this at a meeting held in the city of San Francisco.

This new browser is called ” Scout“, being developed currently by the company. According to Mozilla, it has stated by saying : ” with the application of the Scout, we begin to explore the design and consumption of content by voice “. One of the voice commands made by the company on the browser Scout find : ” Hi Scott, read me the article about polar bears “.

It’s an interesting concept, although we have to wonder about how people can get this browser. The problem lies in the voice recognition now because it can be a bit slow in Analysis commands, which means that it may be faster to write your queries yourself. There is also a problem in the ability to understand natural language, dialects, etc. Thus, if it doesn’t work all that properly, it will lead to a frustrating experience.

However, the positive aspect is it will certainly remain among the competitors. It will also facilitate access by users who may find it difficult to write. There is no information about the arrival of this browser, Mozilla states that ” the draft at an early stage“, which alludes to that we should wait for some time.



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