Mozilla will launch Firefox 66 mid-March with a characteristic scroll anchoring

Will the next version of views on solution to the problem of abrupt transitions when browsing websites which often occur during user interaction with the site, trying to move through scrolling to the lower parts or non-visible on the primary interface in case of failure to download a web page fully, where the abrupt transition to another, causing the pressure of the user accidentally on the icons or ads I didn’t want to get it, where is called the feature address this problem, ” scroll anchoring”.

Have tweeted Mozilla yesterday Monday account via the Firefox Nightly that the new property became operational and was launched on a copy, as developers, after a long as for three years beginning from 2016, while will be the launch of the feature ” scroll anchoring” in the version Firefox 66 next officially next March to be available to all users.

Come this feature for Firefox after about two years of doing it on Chrome browser version 56; where resorted to Google after a complaint of the users of the downsides of the processes of transition and during the loading of the page, followed by the Opera browser about a month after the launch of Chrome and adds them to come the role of Mozilla today and do it on the browser its Firefox.

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