Mozilla launches its application Firefox Send to transfer the encrypted files on Android

موزيلا تُطلق تطبيقها Firefox Send لنقل الملفات المُشفّرة على أندرويد

The Mozilla Corporation is one of the largest companies that are growing freely browse the internet and privacy protection, we believe that on the ground through their services to new and novel, this is perhaps of the most important reasons that make the user to learn, in the meantime allowed the company today applied the new name, Firefox Send, a transfer service, files free and encrypted.

In turn, this service is not new to the users, it has made available to the company for the first time about two years ago from now on the web, and now launched as a standalone application in the Android platform, however all indicated Mozilla as improved download speeds, extended control of files that are sent through to dictate the time of expiration the link, you control who can view it and number of times downloaded, and even the possibility of setting a password for the file.

In case you are the party of the future, the operation will be simple, that is, to get a link to download the file without having to account for “Firefox”, there are users who don’t have Firefox account, they can send up to 1 GB of files, while Will of has Account Firefox on the size of 2.3 GB.

Finally the application Firefox Send now available on the store Google Play, and in the case of non-arrival you simply download the APK from here.

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