Mozilla is planning to replace the browser its Firefox browser in its next Fenix in Android

Weeks before now, the title of the article will not and the broad “end of the era of Firefox and the beginning of the era of the Phoenix from Mozilla on Android“, and over the days are getting reports assert the validity of this news, where in recent times has not received the Firefox browser for the Android system a lot of attention, but for good reason, the company is in the browser “Fenix” to replace the Firefox browser current, and comes as part of the attempt to convert all of the resources and the business next for Mozilla to browser this new.

On the other hand, has been monitoring the “stable” includes the company’s plan to replace the browser by Firefox with the Fenix referred to as Fennec in this document, so that they will be launching versions of Firefox 67 and 68 to the Android system as it is planned, will be held on May 14 and July 9 of this year, but after that, you will receive browser bug fixes and security patches only, so that will be a Firefox version 68.1 on the second of September, and will provide a copy v68.2 on October 22.

موزيلا تخطط لاستبدال متصفّحها فايرفوكس بمتصفّحها القادم Fenix في أندرويد

Mozilla says in this document, “we must constantly divert resources from the development of the Fenix to fix bugs and implement features in the current version of Firefox”, this will retain the browser version v68, as well as the rapid development of the to Fenix, but this also means that it will not be access to the features of the new web on Android until the completion of the Fenix.

Finally did not explain the document, how long do you plan Mozilla to launch the Fenix, but the Firefox browser the current will reach the end sometime next year, so if we take into account that the Fenix engine will use GeckoView instead of Gecko, so it might take some time until the new browser is ready for users.

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