Mozilla is developing a browser with voice control

Firefox is currently not very popular, but once he was very famous, and today he is remembered even by those who have not uses. The nice thing is that Mozilla does not cease to look for something new. According to CNET, the company is working on a completely new browser Safari Scout, which will be managed by voice.

The idea of controlling the browser without a mouse or touch screen seems interesting enough. Instead, according to CNET, users of Scout will be able to get what you want voice commands like “Hey, Scout, read to me an article about polar bears.”

A Mozilla representative told Business Insider that Scout is still at an early stage, however, it is known that the product has already been presented to employees of the company.

We have to know if it is more convenient to use browser voice compared to the voice assistants that combine many other features. Of course, much will depend on the quality of implementation of the ideas.

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