Mozilla intends to launch a paid version of Firefox

Reported by German website that Foundation, Mozilla intends to launch a paid version of the famous web browser (Firefox) Firefox through the fall of 2019.

In an interview with the website (in) T3N, said the CEO of the Mozilla Foundation (Chris cold): the company aims to launch a new version of the browser during the month of October, with advanced features; such as: networks (VPN) the VPN, and cloud storage safe.

The company has already started in the month of October last to choose a VPN service in collaboration with the service (the protein in me if) ProtonVPN exchange for a monthly subscription of $ US 10.

Now think about police in the free VPN service is limited data, with the possibility of paid subscription to make it open. Said refund: if Mozilla does not plan to impose fees on free benefits current, but it will be monthly subscription service in the Firefox browser offers many advanced features.

And did not disclose refund of (in) German for the fees that will be imposed by Mozilla on the paid version of Firefox.

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Referred to to browser Firefox is among the oldest existing web browsers, as it launched the first time in 2002, before the launch of the Chrome browser from Google is about 6 years, however has been able to the last; considering the strength of Google in the acquisition of a large share of the browser market.

According to the site (Stat Counter) StatCounter, the Chrome browser accounted for during the month of May last to about 62.7% of the browser market, while Firefox browser, does not exceed its share of the status of 5.07%.

It is believed that the desire of Mozilla in open free new of income the material is understandable. At the present time, should be more than 90% of the company’s income from the deals search engine with companies including: Google, and Yandex. The rest is of the content promoted on the features the current browser (e.g. pocket) Pocket.


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