Mozilla hosting add mode ” design of ultra privacy ” to the browser Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

At the moment, most browsers regular users already Incognito, where their identities are better protected and where it does not register what is happening in the browsing sessions of their own in the record of the normal browsing. However, you Incognito offers complete privacy for?

Apparently not, so much so that the company Mozilla is now targeting the possibility of adding a status of ” design of ultra privacy | Super Private Browsing ” in future versions of the browser Firefox. This will be done by embedding a call Tor in the browser Firefox, which will redirect all internet traffic encrypted through servers Tor.

According to Mozilla, it has reported that Incognito current still sends your traffic through the servers of your internet service provider, or the company’s servers they operate, which means that Incognito does not provide full privacy to the users. Moreover, he put the design of the current invisibility does not protect users from malicious software such as programs that record what you type on the keyboard or spyware, but that’s what he could call Tor your protection of it, at least according to Mozilla.

The downside of this is that traffic is routed through Tor, can lead to reduced performance, such as load times of the pages. This is the reason that the company Mozilla is targeting the idea to see if this can be done without compromising too much on performance. It remains to be seen whether they succeed in that or not, but this idea seems to carry a lot of potential.


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