Mozilla has released the new super-secure Firefox in the Google Play

Lately the issue of Network security is particularly acute. More and more users want to reduce the amount of information they share with sites and online services, what can be said about advertisers, most of whom want all the forces to know about all of us, to show us more relevant ads. But luckily there are web browsers like Firefox from Mozilla, which ensure the safety of our data in all conditions.

This week Mozilla released in Google Play your new Firefox web browser. It is built on the engine GeckoView, representing a modified version of the classic Firefox. While the browser is in beta stage and has a PostScript Preview, indicating possible imperfections. However, now it has high performance and wide tools to ensure the safety of users in the Network.

The fastest browser for Android?

The aim of the developers of Mozilla, which created Firefox updated, was to protect users from all sorts of trackers and any type of tracking when working with the Network. The new Firefox is blocking them, not allowing the sites or online services to collect any data. Because of this, the browser loads faster web pages because you do not have to handle and embedded in the website scripts that monitor your actions.

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Even in beta stage, Firefox Preview works so fast that it loads sites almost twice faster than Firefox. This is a serious achievement, considering that for most users is crucial is the download speed, and not functionality of the browser. However, the functionality of the new Firefox were not injured. The browser has a built-in QR scanner, and its interface is designed with the features of modern smartphones. Make it easier for users to drag to the address bar, the developers have positioned it and the other controls at the bottom.

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Application: Firefox Preview
Developer: Mozilla
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Price: Free
Download: Google Play
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