Mozilla has called on Apple to really protect its users

A sincere desire by Apple to ensure the security of its users online it is almost impossible to challenge. The company was one of the first if not the first – went against the system and implemented in Safari, a number of tools that prevent tracking. But in Mozilla I believe that everything that makes the Apple “security theater” because Cupertino is clearly not eager to completely give advertisers the ability to track users and show them relevant ads.

The main claim Safari to Apple is that Apple applies the minimum effort not to allow advertisers to create a virtual portrait of each user. As a result, representatives of Mozilla, the iPhone and iPad, suggesting that protected from relevant ads continue to receive it in applications. The reason for this is the advertising identifier, which is unique to each user and is installed by default on all iOS devices.

How not to see relevant ads on iOS

To prevent the formation of a virtual portrait, Safari offers Apple add to iOS tool that will automatically reset the advertising identifier every month. The only way, sure the developers of Firefox, in Cupertino will be able to prove that really care about the privacy of its users, and not imitate their interest in ensuring their safety.

It would seem that what Mozilla in General can be the case to Apple and its users? But the company did not even trouble to attract employees to write compelling text, and to launch a petition demanding the introduction of iOS automatic reset advertising identifier. Most likely, this is nothing more than PR, and attempt to attract a little more attention.

In my opinion, this is obvious because iOS already has the necessary tool that allows you to reset the ID manually. But nothing wrong with that because some users do not care what ads they see, while others sincerely believe that it is better to contemplate on the Network what they like than what does not cause them the slightest interest.

If you wish, you can reset the ID by going to “Settings” — “Privacy” — “Advertising” and click “Reset ID”.

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