Mozilla choose new features to prohibit the insight to see the mining of digital currencies on the browser Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Agree the Mozilla to bring more features to prevent intolerance to the browser Firefox. The company revealed recently that they choose a new feature to combat intolerance, which will not allow for web sites anymore. the numbering of the browsers of the users so to speak to prevent it from tracking them even after wiping cookies ( cookies ). Moreover, they also vary to prevent the mining of digital currencies on websites.

In case if you don’t know it, there are some websites that compile a small detail about the settings of the system user to enable the browser, among these small details that are grouped mention the operating system and the type of Font and screen size. You can use this data to create a unique footprint so to speak for the user even in the case if the feature was to prevent tracking. They can then use that insight unique to him via the site.

Is now being test feature to prevent intolerance in the browser Firefox, a feature that won’t allow websites to do what we have mentioned above. Said Apple in the WWDC of 2018, conducted by the last year they will add a feature similar to the browser Safari.

Still scripts mining the digital currency, the hidden problem across the internet. Hide some of the sites scripts mining digital currencies on their own web pages which are using the resources of the computers your users to the digital currency as long as it exists on the site, but will give the browser Firefox is now on the Prohibition of mining digital currencies explicitly. Overall, these new features are currently available in trial version latest browser Firefox. These features are disabled by default and must be activated manually from the Preferences menu ” Preferences “.


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