Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus Amateur video editor with professional features

I think everyone at least once faced with the need to make some video. It could be a school or University project, the visuals of your photos from vacation or just had to cut funny moment from the video to throw off the other. In any case, you had to look for options as it all done. And if the capabilities of a normal Windows Movie Maker, you are not enough, and to understand Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas Pro do not have the time, quality of alternatives were few. The Movavi company decided to take this niche and released their video editor Video Editor Plus, which has recently been updated to version 14 and are suitable for beginner and more advanced user.

The first time I tried to work in Movavi Video Editor three years ago. Then I had to mount a small roller in a short time and didn’t have time to download Adobe Premier, the more resources the laptop would not allow it to work comfortably. Then I came across the video editor from Movavi and I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality of this little program. It was available a lot of tools, different transitions, she worked quickly and did not cause any problems. So I was interested to try the new version of the program, which during this time became much more professional.

So, let’s go over the main features of the video editor. In the new version the developers have taken into account the wishes of users and added automatic creation of the video. When you launch Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus the program will prompt you to create a project in simple or advanced mode. The first is perfect if you need a small cutting from a few clips hastily. You simply adding video (or the folder with them), you can then choose background music (their own or from the library app), you can adjust transitions and set the duration of the movie. Everything after that the program will automatically assemble a movie, based on the specified parameters. Finished videos can immediately save or continue editing in advanced mode.

By the way, I would like to mention the media library video editor. It contains quite high-quality footage, stickers, and various melodies and sound effects that can be applied in their commercials. They facilitate the process of video editing and save time searching for matching files.

If you do not have enough standard libraries, additional effects can be found in Movavi Effect Store. There are various sets that can come in handy when creating projects.

In Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus you can now animate objects. Such functions are more common in professional video editors, so in this case it is a nice bonus. With this tool you can add any object to the video and make it move the way you want. For example, to show the route of your trip on the map, or make the effect a picture-in-picture.

The advantage of Movavi video editor is not overloaded interface of the program. Thus, it will not scare a novice user and does not discourage the desire to understand the video editing. But the logic arrangement of elements similar to professional video editors, so if you want to move over time to a higher level, not much difficulty will feel. At the bottom of the program window you see the timeline, to which you can add videos, music, captions or stickers. Every object you can edit (to adjust equalizer to add color correction to change the speed, size, crop, apply chroma key, etc.). There are many settings that allows you to unleash the imagination.

In addition, Movavi produces a variety of video tutorials and guides, which again can be useful for beginners videomanager. You can find them on the YouTube channel and on the website of the company.

In the end, Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus is a useful tool for inexperienced users, which can help them to realize themselves in video editing. The price is 590 UAH / 1490 rubles, which is significantly cheaper than professional video editors and it offers a good feature set. The company also offers a basic version of Movavi Video Editor 14. It is estimated at 530 UAH / RUB 1290, but involves a little less of a media library and is devoid of tween objects.

By the way, this fall will release the next version of Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus, so there is the opportunity to try out the current version of the program (trial period available for 7 days) and compare it with a new variation.

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