Mountain Lion: the anticipation

The new version of OS X, Mac OS 10.8 “Mountain Lion”, was presented to the public on 11 June 2012 – but her public story began four months earlier, only seven months after “the most successful in the history of” the release of OS X Lion on the market. According to the “tick-tock”, borrowed from Intel, it was a system of phase “so”, but… sort of “Mountain lion” and in fact was devoted to the correction of errors committed in OS X Lion, but the number of innovations is almost equal to the Apple count in Mountain Lion’s 200 new features to the standard user in Lion officially was 250.

About “just seven months after the release of the previous big cat” I mentioned is not just that it was very unusual. Over the past years tradition, the development of new “big cats” took at least two years. Has something changed? Yes. In the second half of zero Microsoft impeded with the release of new versions of Windows, and it was possible not to hurry, to compete was not with anyone. In 2012 out Windows 8 on the horizon again was a serious and dangerous competitor. Apple took the fight.

And besides, it was the debut of Craig federighi in the new role (he led the development of OS X, succeeding the “founding father” of Mac OS X Bertrand Serlet, his mentor back in the NeXT), OS X Lion, the number of outrages clearly exceed the allowable, the company had another master, a brilliant organizer of everything.

It was the last “big cat” in Apple’s history. After the “king of beasts” to find a decent name for the new system was impossible. A variation on the “lion” was acceptable to him “so”version, but it was hidden repetition. “Mountain lion” – the name of a big cat living in North and South America, better known as “Puma” or “Cougar”. “Puma” has already been is Mac OS 10.1 (2001). Cats over…

About the game in the “tick-tock” details here.

This is the first part of a series about “mountain lion”.

Security measures worse than the danger

February 16, Apple released a press release about the beta release of the new operating system for Mac devices is officially registered developers. Ignoring the “gnashing of teeth” of those who could not adapt to the unpleasant features of a Lion, Phil Schiller called OS X Lion “the most successful system in the history of Apple”, but he, and nobody objected.

Ordinary people do not read press releases, and journalists were not about to mention. Those who have already tried the “Cougar” the taste, was under a subscription about nondisclosure, and chose not to violate its conditions. Punishment promised in the NDA (nondisclosure agreement), as far as I know, has never been used – but was worse than execution.

Only one “providing the notarized confirm the deletion of all development tools from Apple with all devices and drives” is terrifying. Is it even possible? Nobody wanted to be first, to those on whose example the rest know how it looks like in practice.

Nevertheless, something seeped into open sources of information. In the new version of OS X will appear to the Gatekeeper (robot-security from Apple) and Sandbox (familiar from iOS, to death killing the freedom of access to the file system of mobile devices in exchange for security). The Mac and turn into another iPhone?

The news upset me – all day long I was busy with iOS, which also prepared the change – but the dream to return one day in the “free world” Mac OS X keep me warm during the hard times. And there the same!

Colleagues wrote ovsky Mac software (Apple) hinted to me that if it happens, it is a very long time. A “Cougar” attacks on people is rare, turns this activity into a cult – and as a rule the mistake of taking on our fellow men for someone else. Among the big cats Cougars (mountain lions) most similar to domestic cats, in appearance and character. They are just the size of an adult.

Programmer, a biologist by training, I was not reassured. Though by mistake, but still attacking! All good things come to an end.

The last cat, almost home

On 11 June the “Cougar” presented to the General public. Artistic, humorous, simple and clear, and most surprising – has announced that the new version will be released next month.

Craig has not said anything terrible. About the most important thing he didn’t say anything at all.

Video of the press conference on 11 June 2012 that opened the WWDC 2012. View OS X Mountain Lion 00:43:40 01:08:26:

Movie: (Duration 01:54:00)

By the way, looking through old videos I re-discover forgotten features of OS X, almost all of them work in the High Sierra.

Craig was on top. The presentation of the Game Center for Mac was my favorite. This is something from Top Gear?

Behind the scenes: concerns about Gatekeeper and Sandbox was in vain. Again, Apple managed to make OS X safer not blowing it to pieces. The changes were almost imperceptible.

Develop “Cougar” began relatively recently, in mid-2011 (even under Steve Jobs at the head of the company), but even in such a short time in the world, much had changed. Retina display, which has forced developers to quickly update the program.

Increasing the resolution of the screens was designed with unprecedented care programs and those who write them. All that can be reconstructed at high resolution by itself. But something nobody except application developers could not do.

By this time it had accumulated a decent experience in: iOS developers are already faced with Retina displays, and successfully overcame challenges such as these. Came the turn of the programmers for OS X.


“Cougar” was not similar to the version of phase “so”. Too many innovations, not a single word on the number caught and destroyed by bugs, no word on a thoroughly revised or even rewritten from scratch “jungle”.

But what happened in reality, next time. Clash of novelties in real life rarely come without sacrifice and trouble.

About some unpleasant things, however, became known in the evening of that day. The Cougar, aka Puma-2 and a Mountain lion, a supported Mac and c only 64-bit EFI (I – it “interface”, so EFI is a “he”?).

The system was incompatible with the huge number of Macs, but complaining was useless. But the computer adventure seekers have the opportunity to show off the talent and correct errors of nature, teach the old machine to get around bans. Not without losses, and not always – but freedom is worth sacrificing for.

By the way, Windows 8, the latest operating system beloved of a competitor, rejected the native Mac system and was raised easily and worked perfectly.

To be continued

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