Motorola working on a smartphone that uses the Wizard continued to buy Samsung

Motorola One --

Known to have Samsung’s own processors which carry the name of Exynos. However, the processors Exynos is exclusive for Samsung devices mostly, but in the case if the evidence that we have received recently is true, it is possible to see Motorola use one of the processors of Samsung in one of its smart phones next.

In fact, I’ve recently been monitoring a new phone from Motorola in platform performance tests Geekbench is called the Motorola P40 features a processor Exynos 9610. And in case if the name of this phone sounds familiar to you, it is because he is expected largely to be the target of its establishment is the epitome of phone Motorola P30, which was launched in China during the last year. It should be noted that he was also getting pictures of this phone late last year.

Let the rumors also that the phone Motorola P40 may find his way to the United States of America, but under a different name which is a Motorola One Vision. Confirmed performance tests as well that this phone will have 6GB of RAM. According to the leaked, it seems that this phone would also dual camera at the back, and used the hole for the front camera in the screen.

It is very rare to see smartphones non-Samsung processors are used Exynos, so it will be better to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection until we get some kind of official confirmation.


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