Motorola will revive Motorola Razr as a phone smart folding cost US $ 1500


In time, successful phone Motorola Razr in changing the look of people to the design of mobile phones. In fact, the company has achieved the Motorola lots of success with this phone. I tried Motorola reviving brand Motorola Razr several times over the last few years, but given that the smartphone market is planning on the subject of thinness, it has failed phones Motorola Razr modern in pace with the changes that have occurred in the market. However, with the approaching arrival of smart phones the first folding to the market this year, it appears that Motorola is owned by Lenovo may be considering a revival phone Motorola Razr as a smartphone capable of folding.

It is worth mentioning that the first generation of smart phones folding will reach the market this year. Given that they will be used completely new technology, they are going to be expensive, and will not decrease their prices but some two years or so. And mentioned that, it is expected to cost the Samsung first folding rule in the next few months about 1,500 USD.

The Wall Street Journal reported American it will be re-revival phone Motorola Razr as a smartphone capable of folding cost US $ 1500. According to the same press, it is expected to be unveiled this phone in early next month so that will likely be exclusive to the phone company Verizon in the United States. Not detected all of the details until now because the phone is still under test. Thus, we still don’t know the screen size and specifications and its features.

Think about the company Lenovo in the making of 200 thousand units of this phone, but it remains to be seen whether she can sell all these units for this high price. Be sure to Motorola play more safely from Samsung that frequency that it would make a million units of its smartphone folding first.

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