Motorola will be on the phones of the new day August 2

Started Motorola owned by Lenovo in the distribution of invitations to the press to attend the formal event will the company in the city of Chicago on 2 August the judge to detect its phones New this year.

Recent leaks, indicate that the company is working on two phones with the new name of the Motorola One and the One Power are somewhat similar in shape with some differences in the specifications of internal gear.

The two phones will be within the project Android one it will be a system of Android rough and you will receive the updates quickly and directly from the company Google, the owner of the system.

Also there is talk about firing the new generation of phones from the Z Series this means that the company will be on the phone from the middle class and telephone pioneer equipment most powerful .

Anyway separates us more than a month now from the date of the event, and will definitely leak more information in the next few days, so they tell us everyday to learn more about the new Motorola.



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