Motorola P30: another copy of iPhone X

When Apple announced iPhone X, he rolled out the arrows of criticism from all over the place, most notably the extrusion flowing from the top of the screen, not to mention the excessive price and now is still in the soul something “up”. However, after a short period it rained markets BAndroid phones meet the sniper iPhone X, and did not take away from that tradition of leading mobile companies and the head Oppo and LG and that Google itself will join this wave. Here is the Motorola owner’s rich history in mobile phones but are plagued thing as a mobile phone, topping the headlines this week with her new P30 and by design they can’t resist the charm of iPhone X said by incredibly, and thus miss out on all the competitors well-deserved. If you’re a fan of Android and the design of the iPhone X, it is in your hands.

هاتف موتورولا P30: نسخة أخرى من آي-فون X

The phone features a 6.2-inch edge-to-edge except for the bottom, it is considered even more phones almost any-iPhone X in terms of design and size.

The phone equipped with a camera Double lens in a vertical manner like iPhone X, the same place the feeling, only that Motorola has made him place the sensor footprint. In this way the metal body of the colored much like the Huawei P20 similar for-iPhone X also.

And versions in white and black over a semi any-iPhone X. what is amazing is that Motorola has marketed the device using wallpapers similar Docking-iPhone.

Expect the Motorola P30 in China, and is distributed in the United States until now, although its design is similar to-iPhone X the device is considered to be within available hardware possibilities the Web at affordable prices. If you are interested in the appearance of the iPhone X have this phone.

The phone has a processor Snapdragon 636, the memory random RAM 6 GB, and memory storage 126 GB, battery capacity 3000 mA, equipped with two cameras on the background of 5 and 16 MP, the front camera of 12 mega pixel camera. Despite the presence of a bump at the top of the screen but it does not contain a face recognition system.

I didn’t expect it at this of the tradition, it seems that companies are tired of the traditional form of the old failed to come new. As the iPhone X is made the ratio of sales quite a bit, maybe come version iPhone X what didn’t come out earlier. It seems that Android phones are trending strongly to this design has been adopted by companies like LG and Oneplus and Huawei, OnePlus and Asus, Vivo and Oppo. Would request if you knew that your next Google Pixel 3 XL is a version of the iPhone X, based on the photos leaked.

And for the record, Apple is planning to launch three phones with the same design iPhone X, so will the coming period revolution X which will extend to quite some time to come carrying the banner of change and believes it will be Apple again.

What do you think about the design of Motorola’s new? And the inability of companies to come to new in the design? Tell us in the comments.



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