Motorola offers the phone One Vision to the dimensions of the 21:9 chip processor Exynos the price of 335 dollars

Revealed Motorola recently about phone One Vision which includes chip Samsung Exynos processor, features a screen dimensions of the 21:9 with a hole in the screen, as it applies to the markets at a price of 335 dollars.

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Is phone One Vision One phones this year is expected, which comes as Android phones One, it features a cinematic with the dimensions of 21:9.

This version screen the characteristic size of 6.3-inch quality FHD display plus, as the phone comes to the design screen hole in the left side to the top of the screen where the screen hole sensor 25 mega pixel camera.

Also offer Motorola telephone One Vision in the back with a double characteristic sensor key 48 mega pixel camera with aperture f/1.7, which supports the production of images with 12 mega pixel camera, with a sensor depth of imaging resolution of 5 mega pixels and lens of f/2.2, also support camera technology artificial intelligence in the Install Image and style Night Vision for night photography.

Comes fingerprint sensor in the phone One Vision in the back of the phone which features the logo of Motorola, the phone supports a-chip processor Exynos 9609 Samsung with 8 of the nuclei are divided into 4 core Cortex-A73 at a speed of 2.2 GHz and 4 cores Cortex-A55 at a speed of 1.7 GHz, the phone also comes memory random 4 GB RAM.

The phone One Vision One phones Android One comes running Android Pie, the phone also comes with a storage capacity of 128 GB, it features A supports two Rs SIM or single SIM with microSD card.

Also comes phone One Vision with a battery capacity of 3500 mAh it supports fast charging technology with charger TurboPower capacity of 15W, is due to apply phone, bold colors of blue and bronze that is available at a price of 335 dollars.


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