Motorola launches phone Moto P30 similar for the Huawei P20

موتورولا تطلق هاتف Moto P30 المشابه لهاتف هواوي P20

Revealed Motorola for their new phone Moto P30 which is applicable beginning from China, comes with a premium design similar to phones iPhone, Huawei last but with the back of the glass-ceramic to protect it and use the fast charging feature.

The pictures show how similar the big phone new Motorola issue Huawei P20 وP20 Pro, which suggested the last part of the design of the phone Apple iPhone X. revealed pictures contain the phone on a vertical slit in the rear has rear camera double, the machine shows the color of healing and the changing reflection of light.

Apart from the extent of its similarity to each of Huawei and Apple TV, it seems that it also suggested the form of phone color Lenovo Z5, is similar to the Moto P30 with the Z5 as it has the sensor behind the print, except that it has a simple extension in its interface contains the logo of Motorola.

It features Moto P30 on a screen measuring 6.2 inches, at the rate of fit 19:9, and the phone processor Snapdragon 636, and also has a RAM of 6 GB and internal storage space of 128 GB.

While the dual rear camera, it would be one of them accurately 16 mega pixel camera, and 5 mega pixels, and front camera accurately 12 Mega Pixel, while it seems that the battery will be with a capacity of 3000 Milli-amp.

This new phone going to Motorola’s mostly the province of Huawei and P20 in the largest market in China particularly as it will come priced at$ 300 almost.

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