Motorola know short video on her mobile phone rollaway RAZR

No secret for everyone that Motorola is working since the period of the output of the foldable phone , but the concept of its own, and that the company intends to use a similar model for its rich on the definition of the RAZR for that purpose, to be the company Lenovo today video to the public showing the phone area of the flash small to the mechanism of action and how to fold that looks different on my phone Samsung Galaxy Fuld Huawei it Exe.

Through the video we see that the company would like to shed light on the mechanism of action detailed in the phone and how to fold the longitudinal we’ve already talked about come the consent of the patent to register their company phone for months.

No matter that the video is not about 35 seconds but it is enough to confirm the actual company on the phone in three colors namely red, blue, black, without specifying any date for the launch until the moment, keeping in mind that expectations of the price revolves around $ 1500.

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