Motorola does not have any plans to upgrade the phone Moto Z4 to Android R

Motorola Moto Z4

The company Motorola launched phone Moto Z4 in the last month with system Android 9 Pie, and while you will receive this phone update Android Q As is usual, it is expected that also gets update Android R. But it turns out now that it won’t be as well.

Confirmed the US company Motorola this week they will upgrade your phone Moto Z4 to Android Q that Google released it officially in August next, but which are not considered to upgrade the phone to Android R which will be released in the second half of next year.

Of course, the lack of Motorola on any plans to upgrade the phone Moto Z4 to Android R doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do it at all. We’re after more than a year of Android version R there may be always a change in plans, but given that we are talking here about the Motorola that didn’t do a good job on the level of updates in the past, the data is not high.

However, it has confirmed the US company Motorola at least that they will continue issuing security updates for the phone Moto Z4 for two years. But again, will be issuing security updates for this phone in every two months, so don’t expect to get security updates during each month.


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