Motorola announces conference to reveal a phone Razr removable bend on November 13

This year we saw the number of smart phones Bendy from companies like Huawei and the Samsung and keeping them Microsoft. Also rumored that Motorola is working on the development of a similar device within the series Razr, announced that Lenovo owning Motorola for the conference on November 13 next.

According to a report from CNET, I sent Motorola an invitation to attend the conference on 13 November, where the six announced what it called the” copy original, unlike anything else“, and show the invitation of the animated image GIF melting liquid substance to be what could be the phone susceptible to bending.

Previous reports indicated that Motorola would be markedly different from the phones bendy other running Android, so rather than open it to The Shape of a tablet device, could be the next phone from Motorola crease vertically to fit with pockets or folder for clothes, in a similar style phones old classics, so that when you open the phone fully will get the user on the screen size 6.2 inch.

It will be a phone with a processor Snapdragon 710 battery 2730 Ma, and Ram 4/6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes at a price of 1500 USD, equivalent to 5625 SR.

Source: CNET

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