Motor Hero! — Gravity Defied for young people

Full version Gravity Defied launched in 2005. Since then a motorcycle started to ride everywhere: in the classroom, in universities and even on the way to work. Due to the development of mobile devices about the game forgotten, but now there’s another reason to remember her. In The Motor Hero! go through hazardous platforms, twist, flip and open up new stories.

To learn how to drive a motorcycle in the Motor Hero! it is possible for half a minute. To move forward push the gas to stop — brake. If clamping of the first pedal in flight, the bike will spin forward. Finally, for bigger speed you need to slightly roll back and push the pedal down.

This manual ends. Our goal is to drive as long as possible. On motion necessarily turn a somersault in the air. Each roll will bring a collection of one star. Collect them, and then exchanged for new bikes.

The landscapes of steep is bored will not work. Here not only go on the slopes, but also jump on cubes and hemispheres. Figures suspended in the air, so any miscalculation will probably end up falling into the abyss. In this case, press restart and start again.

The game pleases intuitive and beautiful scenery in the background. Especially amusing are hitting the corners of the structures. In this case, the motorcycle usually breaks into several parts.

Motor Hero! — a good replacement of Gravity Defied. The game is moderately difficult, but not forced to erase the screen in the restart button. Suitable for free minutes in any conditions.

Application: Motor Hero!
Developer: Orangenose Studio
Category: Action
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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